Month: November 2017

Car Parking Upgrade

Quietly, (if you can call a JCB quiet), in the background the car park at the Hope Hub was upgraded and now has parking for over 30 vehicles.
Security and courtesy lighting was also installed making it secure at any time night or day.

working hard getting the “Macadam” down, and preparing the roadway.

The new entrance to the car park, no more potholes, no more puddles!

The finished job: Completed November 2017

The Upgrade was financed by a gift offering from Hope Church (Free Church of Scotland).


Come Paint With Us

The Come Paint With Us Art Class meets in the newly created Hope Hub at 183A Carlisle Road, Blackwood.
The Class normally meet on a Tuesday afternoon in one of the new meeting rooms. “It has all the space we need, a place to wash our brushes, and most important a place to make a cup of tea.” Commented Anne Scott, the class organiser.
Other members liked the rural outlook from the class room, saying “it gave them inspiration!”
All the Classes’ hard work culminated in an art exhibition, again held in the “Hub”, on Saturday 18th November 2017, where their work was greatly admired.

The Exhibition was supported by Dr Lisa Cameron MP, seen here admiring some of the exhibits.

The day was well attended and raised £500 for the Hope Hub.